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Cell Phones

Cell Phones near the head can cause deadly brain tumors, near the waist can affect the reproductive organs, and near the chest can cause breast cancer, and they are even more harmful in the hands of children say findings from many recent studies. The wireless industry and the FCC, with an outdated 1996 flesh-heating standard, has maintained that modern cell phones are safe. Who's right?

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Cell Towers and 5G

Cell towers have multiplied in the last ten years and have crept ever closer to where people live.  If you are unlucky enough to have one within 8 blocks  of your home, this can be 2 to 100 times worse than using a cell phone 2 hours daily.

Why? 1) Cell antennas' high-powered, jagged-with-data signals intersect your full indoor/outdoor environment and body. 2) They transmit their radiation 24/7 during your awake and sleeping times, especially through your windows! (Bad in your yard too.)

Could anything be worse? Eventually coming to Whidbey: the ultra-intense 5G wireless system. It's not just a gentle upgrade of 4G (which is already harmful).  It will use high-powered radar frequencies--currently used in military crowd-control weapons and aircraft installations! These impact mainly our skin (think tissue heating, skin cancer) and eyes (think macular degeneration), instead of the body's insides. To amplify penetration of your walls and trees they want to place one on or near your block. Right now Verizon and AT&T are trying to quickly "buy" laws that negate a community's right to say "NO" to close-up mini-antennas before people wake to the hazards. Click below for much more information on cell towers and 5G.

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"Smart" Meters

"Smart meters" are a "dumb idea" for reporting your electric usage to PSE! Coming to the island in the near future, these 2-way transmitters on every house and store will weave an unseen powerful microwave "mesh" communication network. This allows all the meters neighboring yours to share data with each other and the power company. Besides adding transient unhealthy static to household wiring, they generate electro-smog (high-frequency, high intensity electromagnetic spikes), in indoor and outdoor spaces 24/7. All this just to  convey data to PSE about your hour-to-hour electric usage and to switch your power on or off as needed! A few side effects: companies can gather your detailed daily usage metadata to sell to marketers; the meters increase hackability of the power system by terrorists, increase house (or forest) fire risk and invariably raise power bills. Bad for your wallet, your security and for your health. CLEAR is working to increase citizen pushback on this to the power regulators (WUTC) of Washington State.

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Addiction Issues

Are you reading these words on a phone? Yes? You're in good company. Media research found an average American adult spent about 2 hours 51 minutes on a smartphone for 365 days of 2017. Over a lifetime at that rate: a whopping 5 years, 4 months! Smart phone addiction is real and has many consequences.

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orlistat generic uk CLEAR's Goals and Objectives:

  1. Raise public awareness of risks to health from from current and growing levels of EMF exposure in the public and home environment.
  2. Educate individuals, families, health care providers, schools, and the general public about added costs, privacy risks, and health challenges from ever higher-intensity EMF sources. Encourage local government and businesses to implement a low-EMF public environment.
  3. Through dialog with officials and by spreading clear  information, end PSE’s intended blanket buy non prescription drugs generic cytotec smart meter installation on Whidbey Island WA with safe analog meters, encouraging instead known alternatives that are safer, less expensive, more efficient.
  4. Raise awareness of the dangerous, untested 5G + “Internet of Things” deployment starting up nationally and headed toward our island. Encourage informed questioning of this dangerous escalation of radiation sources.



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