Thanks to the November 2018 Electrosmog EMF Course for Health Practitioners  ( we have this striking summary. CLEAR intends to approach many of Whidbye’s health practitioners and make sure they are informed about the electrosensitivity and the vulnerability of children:

5 scientific EMF facts most practitioners don’t know:

  1. Microwave radiation emitted from cell phones, Bluetooth, wifi and cell towers was declared a Class 2B “possible” carcinogen in 2011 — but several researchers think it should be re-classified as a Class 2A “probable” or Class 1 “definite” carcinogen.” 2 Note that Sweden and Denmark (and nearly as much Netherlands) have been using cell phones longer than any other countries and they have seen glioblastoma cancers (pretty much a fingerprint of cell radiation near the head) rise significantly: Link.
  2. Many countries like the US and Canada set standards based on the false assumption that there are no adverse health effects of EMFs other than those that are caused by tissue heating, even though more than 20,000 peer-reviewed papers show biological effects that have nothing to do with heat.3
  3. Growing children’s brains are especially at risk, their head absorbs twice the radiation compared to adults.4 Regardless of that fact, a 2015 survey showed that 75% of 4-year old children own a cell phone.5
  4. According to the most conservative estimates of independent EMF researchers, at least 35% of the population suffers from “mild to moderate” symptoms of electro sensitivity, including fatigue, sleep disturbance, headaches, difficulty concentrating, depression, memory loss, hearing disruptions, skin problems and cardiovascular issues.6
  5. The new generation 5G (5th generation) wireless networks will require adding millions of antennas nationwide, utilize harmful radar frequencies, and are being rolled out rapidly without a single biological study demonstrating their safety. Studies of pregnant women’s and young children’s response to these waves (the same frequency as those used for crowd control by the military) are conspicuously absent.\/\/\/embed\/\" Our exposure to EMFs continues to grow exponentially, and with that growth can come bigger health challenges and often hard-to-pinpoint symptom causes. (Often symptoms of  existing conditions are irritated or new ones created by invisible EMF sources at home or work.)